Tunisian Treasures Expedition: 15days

Tunisian Treasures Expedition

: From Ancient Wonders to Forest Retreats and Sahara Discoveries
15 Days / 14 Nights


15Days /14 Nights

2500 KM

Destinations: North and South Tunisia

Cultural, Adventure, Culinary, and Highlights Expedition

14 Breakfasts + 13 Lunches + 14 Dinners included.

Transportation for 15 days

Age Range: Up to 70 years old

Kid-Friendly Program

Recommended Period: From September to May

✅ Program Details

Day 1: Enchanting Arrival

Itinerary: Airport – Sidi Bou Said

Activities/visits: bicycle tour through Carthage Roman Ruins – stand-up paddle

Accommodation: Hotel Dar Said

Upon early arrival, our dedicated team extends a warm welcome to travelers. Commencing the day with a captivating bike tour through Carthage, we offer an opportunity to explore ancient Roman ruins. Following this, we indulge in a leisurely visit to Sidi Bou Said, celebrated for its iconic blue and white architecture. After enjoying a delightful lunch, we engage in exhilarating stand-up paddle activity. To complete the day, check-in awaits at the luxurious Dar Said, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey.

Day 2: Cultural Exploration

Itinerary: Bardo – Medina – Carthage – Sidi Bou Said

Activities/visits: Bardo Museum – workshop Copper – culinary workshop experience

Accommodation: Hotel Dar Said

Breakfast at the hotel, the day begins with a visit to the renowned Bardo Museum in the morning, where an exceptional collection of Roman mosaics and historical artifacts offers an immersive experience into Tunisia’s rich history. Later, travelers are guided through the UNESCO-listed Medina of Tunis, a labyrinth of narrow alleys, bustling souks, and ancient architecture. After a morning filled with cultural treasures, Guests have the pleasure of experiencing the joy of preparing a delicious lunch with local chef. Dive into the flavors and traditions of the region for an unforgettable culinary adventure and cultural exchange. Next, a copper workshop with Dowit will introduce you to the ancient art of crafting copper objects. In the afternoon, and guests return to the charming Dar Said for a restful overnight stay.

Day 03: Olive Groves and Wilderness

Itinerary: Mjez El Beb – Ain Drahem

Activities/visits: Domaine Ben Ismail, an organic olive oil estate – Hiking – camping

Accommodation: camping provided by Bonheur Voyages Outdoor Team

After breakfast, this day begins with a journey to the Domaine Ben Ismail, an organic olive oil estate surrounded by picturesque landscapes. Here, travelers have the opportunity to partake in an enlightening tour of olive oil production, from the cultivation of olive groves to the pressing process. Following the tour, a farm-fresh lunch showcases the flavors of Tunisia’s bountiful produce. Upon reaching Wed Zen, embark on an invigorating hike through captivating terrain to gather wood for an evening campfire. As the sun sets, immerse in pristine wilderness, experiencing an overnight camping adventure. Savor a delightful dinner by a local woman, enjoying Tunisia’s rich culinary heritage under the starry forest sky. The camping experience by the Bonheur Voyage Outdoor Team ensures comfort and enjoyment

Day 04: Forest Magic

Itinerary: Ain Drahem – Le Kef

Activities/visits: Hiking – bicycle Tour – Old Medina Kef

Accommodation: Dar Alyssa

The day begins with a delightful brunch featuring an array of local products. Travelers embark on an invigorating hike through the lush forests of Wed Zen, followed by an exhilarating 3-hour bicycle tour set against the backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty of Ain Drahem. After working up an appetite, a lunch at the eco-friendly guest house “Chaumières de Ain Drahem”, We selected this location because the food is exclusively prepared by women from that area, aiming to support and uplift the local communities in Tunisia. The journey continues with an exploration of the captivating old medina of El Kef, including a coffee break at the charming Dar Bou Makhlouf. The evening unfolds with a traditional Kefi dinner, featuring ‘Borzgene,’ at Dar Elyssa, where guests spend the night.

Day 05: Ancient Sites and Coastal Bliss

Itinerary: Le Kef – Dougga – Testour – Nabeul

Activities/visits: Dar El Khobz workshop – archeological site of Dougga

Accommodation: Dar El Gaied

After breakfast, the morning begins with a visit to Dar El Khobz, a charming local bakery where guests have the chance to experience the art of traditional bread-making. The cultural journey resumes with an exploration of the archaeological treasures of Dougga, an ancient Roman city renowned for its remarkably preserved ruins. Lunch at Dar Jdoud restaurant. The adventure takes guests to Tastour, where a visit to a historic mosque and a relaxed coffee break awaits. Later in the day, travelers depart for Nabeul, where they dine and spend the night at the welcoming Dar El Gaied.

Day 06: Golden Mornings and Cultural Workshops

Itinerary: Nabeul – El Fahs

Activities/visits: horse riding by the beach – Harissa and Distillation Workshop – raclette Party by the campfire

Accommodation: Chalet of Ksar Ezzit

For those interested in equestrian adventures, an optional sunrise horseback ride along the picturesque beach awaits. Returning to Dar El Gaied, guests enjoy a delightful breakfast to start the day. Engaging workshops provide insight into traditional harissa preparation a UNESCO-recognized culinary tradition and flower water distillation, two essential aspects of Tunisia’s culinary heritage. Lunch at Bon Kif Restaurant in Nabeul, following by an enriching experience at Ksar Ezzit, where an evening aperitif awaits. As night falls, a Raclette party around the campfire, thoughtfully organized by the Bonheur Voyages Outdoor Team, allows travelers to indulge

Day 07: Kayaking Adventures and Sky-High Thrills

Itinerary: Sidi Medien – Zaghouan – Mahdia

Activities/visits: Kayaking – Via Ferrata – Zip Line – Water Temple of Zaghouan

Accommodation: Dar El Hamra

The adventure-packed day begins with a sumptuous breakfast at Ksar Ezzit, energizing travelers for the exciting activities ahead. An exhilarating kayak adventure in Sidi Medien and thrilling via ferrata with the assistance of Dondon are on the agenda. Lunch in Sidi Medien, providing the sustenance needed to continue the journey. The day’s excitement unfolds as guests venture to Zaghouan, where an adrenaline-pumping zip line adventure and exploration of the intriguing water temple await. As the day comes to a close, travelers depart for Mahdia, where arrangements have been made for an overnight stay at a charming guest house.

Day 08 : Timeless Beauty and Star Wars Secrets

Itinerary: El Jem – Ksar Hadada – Ksar Ouled Dabbeb

Activities/visits: Amphitheater El Jem – Star Wars décor Ksar Hadada

Accommodation: Ksar Ouled Dabbeb

Following a delicious breakfast, guests set out for the awe-inspiring El Jem Amphitheater, a UNESCO World Heritage site that transports them back in time. The journey then leads to Ksar Hadada, a notable Star Wars filming location, where a delectable lunch is savored. The adventure continues with a visit to Ksar Ouled Dabbeb, where dinner is enjoyed, and the night is spent

Day 09 : Rich Heritage and Desert Tranquility

Itinerary: Chenini – Ksar Ghilane – Tembaine

Activities/visits: village of Chenini – swimming in Hot Water sources of Ksar Ghilane – desert bread-making – off-roading experience

Accommodation: Abdelmoula Camp

After breakfast, Travelers embark on an exploration of the historic Mosque of the 7 Sleepers in the ancient village of Chenini, gaining insights into Tunisia’s rich cultural heritage. The day’s agenda includes a refreshing swim in the soothing hot spring water sources of Ksar Ghilane, providing relaxation and rejuvenation. Lunch at “Ecolodge” Hotel. The journey takes an immersive turn as guests engage with local nomads, witnessing the art of desert bread-making and sharing a memorable dinner under the starry desert sky. Comfortable tents at Abdelmoula Camp are provided for a restful overnight stay.

Day 10 : Desert Adventure

Itinerary: Tembaine – Dakanis – Houidhat

Activities/visits: Bivouac lunch experience – extreme off-roading experience

Accommodation: glamping provided by Bonheur Voyages Outdoor Team

Start your day with a hearty breakfast before embarking on a thrilling journey to Houidhat via Dakanis. Traverse the mesmerizing dunes of Tunisia, where every ripple of golden sand tells a story of timeless desert beauty. Enjoy a unique bivouac lunch experience in the vast desert, savoring moments of true tranquility. As the sun dips on the horizon, reach the hidden gem of Lake Houidhat, a natural hot spring source in the heart of the desert. Witness a mesmerizing desert sunset during the aperitif and relish a dinner by the campfire, expertly crafted by the Bonheur Voyage Outdoor Team. Spend the nights in a million-star glamping area

Day 11: Sand, Sky, and Springs

Itinerary: Houidhat

Activities/visits: sand skiing – parachute – desert volleyball – swimming in the hot water sources

Accommodation: glamping provided by Bonheur Voyages Outdoor Team

Fuel up with a delicious breakfast for a day of thrilling adventures. Feel the adrenaline rush while sand skiing down the dunes, soar through the endless blue sky with parachute jumps, or enjoy a friendly game of desert volleyball on the forgiving sandy terrain. Lunch offers a chance to refuel, followed by a rejuvenating dip in Lake Houidhat mineral-rich hot spring waters. As the sun sets, gather around the campfire for an enchanting evening and savor a dinner prepared by the Bonheur Voyage Outdoor Team. Spend another peaceful night in the comfortable bivouac, surrounded by the serene desert ambiance. These two days will leave you with unforgettable memories of Tunisia’s captivating beauty Desert landscape.

Day 12: Dunes and Delights

Itinerary: Houidhat – Douz

Activities/visits: extreme off-roading experience

Accommodation: Hotel Sun palm Douz

After a delightful breakfast amidst the heart of the desert, departure for Douz. Lunch is a memorable affair, set against the backdrop of a scenic Bivouac location. Upon arrival in Douz, “gate of the Sahara” guests checks in at the Sun Palm Hotel or a similar accommodation for an overnight stay.

Day 13: Camel Treks and Hidden Explorations

Itinerary: Douz – Matmata – Toujene – Djerba

Activities/visits: camel Trekking – Tamezret Museum – Star Wars Décor of Sidi Driss – troglodyte houses of Matmata – Visit the village of Toujene

Accommodation: Dar Bibine

The day begins with a delicious breakfast, setting the tone for an exciting camel trekking adventure. Following the camel expedition, guests have the opportunity to explore Tamezret, visiting a local museum and experiencing the unique charm of this historic town. The journey continues to Matmata, where travelers explore the fascinating troglodyte houses and enjoy lunch at the iconic Sidi Driss Hotel. There is also an opportunity to visit the renowned Star Wars decor of Sidi Driss. Later in the day, the adventure takes guests to Toujene, where the village’s cultural heritage is explored before departing for Djerba. Dinner and overnight.

Day 14: Charms Revealed

Itinerary: Djerba island

Activities/visits: visits of Houmt Souk, Ghriba Synagogue – Gallela – dolphin spotting road trip

Accommodation: Dar Bibine

The day begins with a hearty breakfast, setting the stage for a captivating exploration of Djerba. The itinerary includes visits to Houmt Souk, where there is an opportunity to immerse in the vibrant local market scene. The journey continues with a visit El Ghriba Synagogue, a UNESCO World Heritage and a historic Jewish place of worship located on the island of Djerba. It is renowned for its significance as one of the oldest synagogues in continuous use and is considered a symbol of the long-standing Jewish presence in Tunisia. Travelers also explore the picturesque village of Gallela and enjoy a leisurely lunch. The afternoon filled with the excitement of a dolphin spotting road trip. Enjoy free time for shopping and relaxation, followed by dinner and an overnight stay

Day 15: Farewell to Tunisian Beauty

Itinerary: Djerba – Airport of Djerba

The final day begins with a satisfying breakfast. departure for Djerba Airport, marking the end of this incredible journey through Tunisia.

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